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August 02, 2007


so sweet!

That is so sweet! And I love that little ice cream smeared face.

What a sweetheart! She's learned well from her big sisters who are the heart of loving generosity.

So precious!!

Oh, it seems like just yesterday it was Agnes and Theresa in that double stroller, the day we met!

Oh, such sweet generosity!

So adorable!

Toooooooooooo precious!!!

Oh my goodness, too adorable!! Your heart must feel so full and golden when you look at your darling little girls.

Just PrEcIoUs!

Just adorable.

So cute! We've had a lot of those ice cream smeared faces these days- it's been so hot here in Maine that the ice cream is melted before the kids have the cone in hand!

There's nothing like sister-love, and you have so many beautiful varieties amongst all of your girls!

How adorable. :o)

Can I ask Maureen for a bite of that ice cream? I think she'd probably share :o)

Sooo sweet !!!!! Clarice

Alice, that second shot is sweeter than the ice cream they are sharing! :)

Very cute little girls! Do you know we have that very same striped Old Navy fleece? :)

What a sweet moment! I'm glad you were able to catch it and save it. It warmed my heart!

So cute!


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