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August 12, 2007


Hmmm. Perhaps Santa Maria?

Did you make it to Carmel, although I do not think is a half way point. You will have to share more !!! Clarice

I'm in the beautiful hill country of Texas and have never been to CA (even though I would LOVE to go!)so I have no clue as to your meeting place but I'm anxious to hear all about it!!!

The pictures of last year and this year are absolutely PRICELESS!!! What PRECIOUS little angel girls!!!

CUTE BABIES!! I can't wait to hear about your visit!

Still sipping my coffee here so I'm not going to make any geographical guesses! lol

What darlings -- can't wait to hear more about the reunion.

It's makes me happy knowing you and Lissa are together again, if only for a short visit. Enjoy!

I agree with Suzanne. It must've been hard for such "bosom buddies" to be so far away geographically. I'm so happy for you all and those pictures are precious.

My second guess would be Guadalupe, which is very close to Santa Maria.

Beautiful pictures!!!

Ever since you got to CA, I've been wondering when you would get to see the Bonny Glen clan. And there you are! Wonderful!
And such beautiful little girls!

Oh the sweetness!

It had to be Carmel ??
So glad to hear of your getting to meet again. How wonderful.

too much cute in one picture! :)

They are so cute!!

Wishing I could have been there with both of your families!

Don't know what town, but those babies sure are precious and I'm so happy you got to visit with such a wonderful friend! :)

Oh, how gorgeous they are! And even more gorgeous together :).

So sweet! I hope you two are having a ball!

Beautiful! What darlings, both then and now. I'm with Alicia, it must be Santa Maria!

Oh how precious!!!

They really look like they could be sisters... soooo precious!

Mrs. Gunther, thanks for taking the time to send your kind comments on my blog. You are always so warm and gracious! :)

Your sweet one about wishing I could teach your girls music was especially appreciated... if they are half as lovely as their mother I know I would LOVE having them as students. :)


Such delight. I have to second sweet Claire's gratitude. You do leave the nicest comments. I hope you had a happy visit.

Love those darling baby pictures! I agree with someone above who said they look like they could be sisters! Can't wait to hear the name. I lived there a couple of times - San Diego, Salinas, beautiful!

Oh, those CHEEKS! Edible, I tell you! So nice to see these two together again!

Cute babies! I am going to guess San Luis Obispo, meet me in St. Louis.

Oh, I like Mariposa's guess, now I'm humming away with Judy Garland!

How very precious!

Too much cuteness! Kiss those beauties from me.

I am so glad that two best friends were able to see each other!

Mmmmm, I just can't stop looking. Alice, Scott thinks you should post some of the outtakes where the babies kept crawling out of the frame. He was DYING looking at your pictures last night. Genius move to load your card onto my computer!

Jane said it was the best weekend of her life. :) :) :)

OH! You should also post some of the ones with Maureen & Rilla!

Of course I'm dying to write a big huge long post as soon as time permits! So, so, so, so, so good, BEYOND good, to see you all. Your hubby is a saint. Mwah mwah mwah!!

Oh Alice!

I'm so glad you finally got to see Lissa!

Hugs to all!

They are sooo cute! I wish my little guy was in the picture, too! I'm jealous I'm not there!

:o) Those little girls are as adorable today as they were a year ago. God is so good to bring the two of you together again and before you even thought it possible.

Theresa ♥

Oh Alice -- this is such an amazingly wonderful post! I'm so glad you shared it with us all in the blogosphere -- those babies are TOO PRECIOUS (as are the rest of the gang)!

Sensational that you were able to meet and catch up!

P.S. I got the books!

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