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August 15, 2007


Alice, I have so enjoyed seeing these photos of two would-be friends-of-the-heart and their sweet, sweet families. You two are something else, in the very best and most beautiful of ways.

Happy Feast of the Assumption to you and yours! I pray for the day when we ALL might meet.

That's really too funny. Santa Maria just kept popping up on California maps we've had out here lately for my upcoming trip. I remember in particular being astounded that, at least in the AAA guide book, Santa Maria is at the borderline between Northern and Southern California, even though it's only about a third of the way up the state. (It's really striking on this particular map because many points in Northern California are marked, but Southern California is almost completely blank - they cover that in a separate guide book).

So, when your question came up, I immediately thought - Santa Maria - which seemed to fit your hints quite well. :)

That really looks like the most perfectly perfect visit imaginable. I love the outtakes.

What terrific pictures.
It is clear that you were all very happy to see each other again, thanks for sharing your happiness with us.

Aw, thanks for indulging your readers with more photos! How lovely that you were able to get together.

Alice, I have nominated you for a Blogger Reflection Award, come on over and read about it if you are interested :-)


What beautiful pics! I have thoroughly enjoyed following along as you've explored the west coast. Seeing you and Lissa together again makes me smile. :) (Not to mention that it also makes me wish I could see her again and meet you once and for all!)

The picture of the kids around the cake with the glowing candles is...
Well, I don't even have words for it. Wow.

Happy birthday Margaret! Into the double digits now - how exciting. I wish all your birthdays may be so happy, surrounded by family and loving friends.

Oh yes! Yes! Get her to New York! All us eager readers would not only get to see two-year-old "twins" pictures, we would get to read about the journey too :).

I second Jill's comment regarding the birthday cake shot - it's amazing! The lighting and the faces are perfect!

Aug 12th 2008? I'll be there,too! (That's if you can handle 5 more kids). You two could use a few more boys for the next set of pics!

Precious! They have grown up so much, haven't they? Those alternating wise, pensive, and dimpling expressions...!

What a blessing your families are to each other!! What a fun time...

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