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August 16, 2007


Your San Francisco adventure has been so fun for me. I love to read about what you are exploring. It seems like you are certainly taking advantage of the situation.


I continue to love reading about your adventures in San Francisco. Have you seen or been told about the large cross on Mount Davidson -- in the western part of the City? It's quite beautiful too.

How lovely. I know you are especially fond of this cross because it is Celtic. Right? Can't deny that heritage.

That is really beautiful. I don't remembering seeing it before.

I didn't know that cross was there. We use to enjoy the paddle boats in the park.

Absolutely, a beautiful cross!

Wow. The size and beauty of that cross are amazing. I love seeing all of these things via your blog that I probably wouldn't know about otherwise.

Very cool, Alice -- have you been up to the cross on Mt. Davidson -- many an Easter Dawn service have been held up there (and at one point, they tried to remove it but I think it's still there).

I lived on the ocean/zoo side of SF and we could see that Cross for MILES!

Have you taken them to Grace Cathedral? The doors are magnificient, The Doors of Paradise. http://www.gracecathedral.org/enrichment/features/ghiberti/

There are labrynths inside and outside the church for meditation that the children could walk.

The rose window is also beautiful.


It is one of my favorite sites in the city to visit.

That cross is amazing. Thank you.

Beautiful, Alice! California will surely miss you when you leave. :)

I had no idea Golden Gate Park had such a beauty standing watch over it! I was there long ago and obviously never happened upon the Celtic Cross. Your children have obviously made this park one of their new favorite corners of the world. It will be a joy to return one day and re-discover all you've found this summer.

I feel as if I've enjoyed an extended vacation in San Francisco because of your fantastic posts, videos, and pictures!

Leave it to you to find such a sight ~smiling~
hugs and prayers

Wow... beautiful!

Commenting on my own blog to say:

Those final lines proved prophetic. I am just coming across this post and happen to be sitting by my fire on a winter's night in New York!

Thoughts of that cross in Golden Gate Park do make me smile!

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