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August 24, 2007


Alice, thank you! But from everything I have read and seen on your blog it was obvious that you would love Carmel and the Tuck Box. As a long-displaced Californian (living in Virginia for far too long!), my favorite mission will always be Carmel too. (One of my sisters was even married there.) Your reports of your trip have been wonderful and have made this San Franciscan feel as if she were with you and your beautiful family.

The Tuck Box looks enchanting! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit.

Ooooh, I think I want to spend my life in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

I remember seeing The Tuck Box on Food Network awhile back.

Thanks, Alice, for another shared (if only we could *really* share it) adventure.

What a lovely day to share with us! The Tuck Box and Carmel-by-the-Sea look so enchanting. I too wish we could *really* share in this adventure.

Dear Alice, I thrill beyond words that you were able to make it the tuck box and Carmel. I would have been so sad if you could not have made it. I am happy to that you thought it was worth the time. Just seeing the picture and how it looks just the same as when I was a little girl 40 years ago. It brings back such happy memories. Thank you Alice Love Clarice

Lovely, Alice...Steve and I attended Mass at that Mission during our engagement!

Alice, what a charming place. I am truly amazed at all the beautiful,unique and charming places you have traveled this trip. What a blessing for you all

I used to live near that area. However, I only have one memory: My mother was driving my sister and I to Carmel and she had told us where we were going. My sister misunderstood. She was a little upset when we arrived because she thought we were going to get "Chewy-Chewy Carmel"! Anyone remember the candy bar commercial for $100,000 bar? I think I'd like to return now and look at it this way too. Thank you for sharing this!


I visited the exact same place about 19 years ago! It is a truly beautiful and holy place! I'm glad you were able to experience it. It was so nice to be able to see your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. :)

God bless,

What an interesting place. I'm so glad you were able to visit and then share it here with us.

Thank you for sharing. How fortunate you are to visit all of these beautiful holy places way across the country.

It's so beautiful!

Very enjoyable post, LOVED the Marian tile, I've been eyeing off this similar tile on ebay:


It sounds like a beautiful weekend.

I have been to all the California Missions. I love them. Actually, I have been to most of the New Mexico ones and the ones in Arizona too.

I love the Carmel one, especially the window. The inspiration for the gate I designed for my courtyard was based on that window. I don't think I have a favorite mission most of them are very beautiful.

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

I have to visit the Tuck Box someday.

BTW, I tagged you for a NICE award. ;)

I am so thrilled for you family Alice to have been blessed with such a wonderful opportunity to take in all the incredible San Francisco sights!

Ave Maria!

hi! my name is faccity! your site is good! i will visit it again! good luck!

In California, public education includes coverage of the twenty-one Missions; to my knowledge, Father Serra did not have a favorite, although Santa Barbara is referred to as the Queen of the Missions, for obvious reasons. Carmel is a trap for tourists, and no longer has the sohistication of the original founders (a group of artists), but it does have some charms, such as the (Italian) Della Robia tile, pictured here.

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