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July 20, 2007


So sorry (as someone who spent decades living in California). If there are more of them (aftershocks), they will most likely be lesser. Now the kids will have something to brag about when you return eastward. God bless and keep you all safe in every way. MM

Well, Alice, you can now say you have really experienced San Francisco. 4.2 is not much when compared to other quakes!

How much longer will you be in "the City?" I am envious and wish that I could go "home" again. (My mom and dad moved in with one of my sisters in southern CA 3 years ago, so now my visits home are to the "other state."


Earthquakes just go with fog rolling in and dreary summer mornings clearing to afternoon sun .... Sometimes I've been in earthquakes that the only way I knew they were earthquakes was seeing chandelier or hangy-down florescents swaying!

Just stay there a bit longer and the girls too will be sleeping thru these occurences!

Ohhh thats just a baby quake but I will be praying. Clarice

Well, now your trip to San Fran is complete!

I'm glad it wasn't a more serious earthquake, but any kind is freaky to me!

Good grief! I'm glad everyone is okay.

I was worried when I heard about the shake. I checked your blog this morning and didn't see a post from you.

Glad everything is okay.

If anyone is curious as to why people live in Louisiana with the threat of hurricanes, our excuse is that at least we have time to pack up and get out before the hurricane strikes.

Just thought I'd throw that information out there. :)

See, now you can say that an earthquake is "no big deal" because you slept right through it!
I'll take an earthquake any day before waiting out a hurricane or tornado watch in the basement!
(I've lived in Iowa and Florida) We'll stay in California.

Praise God no one was hurt!

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