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July 21, 2007


Looks great, Alice :)

How beautiful!

Very nice. I almost feel like I'm there.

Alice, the very funny thing is that I still see the three First Communicants! I am going to try to sign out and resign in.

All I needed to do was leave a comment and now I see the new banner. Gorgeous! I love it!

I'm like Rebecca, still seeing the old banner. I hope her trick of simply leaving a comment works for me too.

Sometimes with Typepad, your browser holds on to the last image in its cache until you either restart the browser or, as you discovered, leave a comment (or write a post).

Took me FOREVER to figure that out!

It looks wonderful!

I love the fresh new look here. I had to do a double take. I thought I must have clicked the wrong link.

Beautiful! I'll miss seeing the First Communicants! But the view is wonderful!

Just gorgeous!

This is lovely, so fresh and summery.


What a pretty picture and a lovely summer color!

I like the whole feel of it. Very summery!

Alice, I was going to say how much that shot looks like the scenery around my peninsula on the bay...until I saw the Golden Gate Bridge!!

Lovely banner!

Can't wait to see it (I'm still seeing the old one, too).

I love it!

Your new banner is lovely! Aren't tech-y friends nice? I have a dear friend to thank for my new banner, as well! :)

I still see the beautiful girls, too. I'm going to try again!

I noticed this earlier and loved it! Brought back fond memories of California in June.

It's SO beautiful, Alice!! I am thrilled you are all having such a wonderful time! :)

Absolutely gorgeous!

I loved the old picture, but this one is a very worthy replacement!

Very beautiful, Alice! I love the blue, too.

God bless,

Very pretty Alice.

Ah! There's the new image! Beautiful, Alice. What fun.

It's lovely, Alice.

Lovely! So calming and refreshing, just like you. :)
And so very sweetly summer-y and Marian, too!


Oh Alice, I LOVE the blue, it's absolutely gorgeous with that photo!! This template is probably my all-time favorite!!! Nice job Lissa!

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