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July 14, 2007


Oh, I'm jealous of both of you getting to meet the other. It sounds like fun was had by all. I just love Jelly Bellys. Pomegranate sounds fascinating.

How fun! Everyone looks great!!! :)

Wow, Alice! What a fun time and you and Maria and your kids look like you're having a blast! What a blessing to be able to meet one another! :)


Anytime, anywhere, we'll meet your delicious brood!

We enjoyed you all tremendously and are still in shock at meeting you all!

Thank you! Thank you!

We love you!

Ooh, so jealous! Jelly bellies, Redwall, & some of our favorite people all at once!

How fun!

Oh, to meet you BOTH!
Nothing could be "sweeter". (pun intended) ;)

What a wonderful get-together! Hello Maria! (Always nice to see a face!)

Wish I could have joined you both (but that IS wishful thinking!!!)

I love jelly beans!
I wish I could have been there.

Lovingly jealous here too! How I would love to meet both of you and all your sweet kids!

When are you coming to San Diego? Lissa keeps telling me you are thinking about the arrangements.
We'll have to go to a yummy place down here. I can't think of one but we have FUN places like zoo, seaworld, wild animal park.

OH and to think you are in my old stomping ground......I so wish I could be there with you both! You are so fun!

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