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July 01, 2007


What a lovely bouquet of flowers she makes!

I love the smiles.

What pretty smiles!

Beautiful mom and daughter.

The both of you make a gorgeous bouquet indeed! :)

Great pic, Theresa! Love the Mother-Daughter smiles...they are absolutlely bee - u - tee - ful!

Thank you very much!

: D

It's a stunning shawl, er...tablecloth. The mom and baby are even more gorgeous!

I could hardly notice the shawl because the two lovely ladies within were so much prettier. Theresa is a great photographer!


I too love the smiles. That is one super cute baby!

Adorable!!!!! :)
Made my night seeing those bright smiles...lots of love from Chicago.

Everyone has already said it - those smiles completely captivate the lens! Gorgeous!

She looks so cute and happy.

Why, that is a pretty shawl! How long are you staying?

You make great 'decoration' too, dear Alice!!

One month already! Time surely does fly when one is having fun!

Have you really been in San Francisco for an entire month??

Wow! time flies when you're having fun...

Are you there to stay permanently??? :)

I love the photo, you both look so joyous. Happy one month-aversary ... yes, are you, ah, staying?


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