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July 09, 2007



Prayers going out for baby and mom.

Oh dear!! Praying here too.

Oh prayers here.

Praying for Helen and her baby!

Thank you for this beautiful post and this particular line:

"Well, Helen, I know where your next baby will be adopted from!" We shared a laugh over that, little knowing that Our Lady had a plan even more surprising and miraculous than this.]"

I will be praying constantly for Helen and her baby to Our Blessed Mother that all will be well.

Praying fervently. Why do I just know all will be well?

I will continue to keep Helen and her baby in my prayers.

Alice, thank you for sharing with us so we can carry Helen in prayer. She will be in prayers throughout the day(s). I will happily implore Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, her feast is my Carmen's birthday and why she is named Carmen.

Oh I am so sad to hear this news! Thank you for letting us know. I know all to well the grief of losing babies: I will be keeping Helen and her baby in my prayers.

Alice, I've marveled at how timely the novenas from Loreto Cottage are. It amazes me how the novenas are much needed for each person when they are said. It's even more amazing that these people were placed on the list just by happenstance of the order they commented. It gives me goosebumps!!!

I will keep Helen in my prayers daily.

I am praying for Helen and her little one.

I am praying for Helen and her baby.

Praying fervently,pleading for mercy.

Wow! After thirteen years! We will pray. Thanks for letting us know.

I was so excited to hear of Helen's little one...I will step up my prayer efforts for both of them. Thank you for posting this need.

It was nice to hear these stories. I will keep Helen and her baby in my prayers.

Thank you Alice and everyone. Your prayers bring me much consolation.

These words are very hard for me to read (not the happy narrative but rather, the doctor's concerns) so yes, I most certainly will be praying.

We love you, Helen!

Praying! Praying! Praying!

i most certainly will pray for helen and her baby. while she doesn't know it, i'm sure, helen has had such a profound influence in my life.

I have such a special feeling for Helen, and I have been praying for her and the babe, but now I will redouble my prayers. May God bless her.

I will keep her in my prayers, also. I am due just a week later! God willing, we will both be welcoming our little ones in January!

Texas-sized prayers coming for Helen and her precious one...

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