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July 04, 2007


Some good friends from church have all three sons in the Marine Corps. You can simply call them the Kennedy boys.

Thank you, Alice!!

Thank you! I hope you had a lovely day, Alice.

It's good to catch up with you again! Thank you for visiting me...I have enjoyed browsing your blog, and looking at your photos today :)

I'm glad you have sunny weather ~ all we have here in the UK is rain!

God bless,
AutumnRose xx

Please include Ali Bergstrom, Terrance Lee and Rob Townley, serving us feet dry in Iraq and on ship. Service heroes and their families are the reason we are at liberty to celebrate our nation and its principles.

I would love for you to add my dh, Gary, to your list. He is in Iraq also.
Thanks so much! God bless!

Hi Alice - I'm just catching up after being on vacation. My brother, John Paul, is in Iraq right now.

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