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July 31, 2007


Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of love, innocence and joy!

What a beautiful and memorable time you are having with family and friends! I am very much enjoying the posts and pictures from the "Golden Gate Gunthers"! Blessings to ALL of you!!!

So much fun! Such wonderful smiles! I especially love the way all those children of different ages became "friends for life".

What a wonderful adventure you all are on Alice. I am enjoying following your trip!

I am from S.F. and there is a place you absolutely must check out. It is the Carmelite Monastery of Cristo Rey. It is on Parker and Fulton streets. It is such a haven of grace.


WAAHHH!! I wish I could have met you in the middle...next year??? Beautiful pics!

Thank you, Alice, for a wonderful, but too short visit on a beautiful afternoon in a beautiful city with an even more beautiful family. I wish we had planned to spend more time in S.F. :( And, thank you for offering your parking spot. We were able to get a glimpse of that gorgeous, home away home mansion you're living in and it was indeed just a few lovely blocks away from two fun hours of cable-car riding. It is a wondeful blessing to put a face and voice to someone I hear about daily! :) Many blessings on the rest of your journey.


I love those Sanchezes, too! :) Lucky all of you to get to spend time together!!

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