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July 10, 2007


Alice, you tell your stories so beautifully and memorably. I have a feeling that you are helping me by sharing your parenting experiences. BTW, I too had a Sunshine Family baby.

What a very very beautiful post, Alice! Thank you so much for sharing - it warms the heart.

God bless,

You are incredible. Just incredible.

alice, how do you always seem to know the perfect thing to do for your children? seriously, i hope i can be half the mother to my own children. thank you for sharing.

Turning lemons into lemonade!

Drink up, sweet Gunthers!

Great story!

Alice, you are truly a wonderful mother. How blessed your children are and we, too, to learn from you.

You are a Great Mother Alice!

Such a good mama. God bless you.

What a sweet mommy you are! I know Margaret will always remember her backpack being stolen, but I bet she remembers the sweet thing you did for her more.

How you are helping your own girls become good women, Alice. A beautiful story.

Some special prayers tonight for the sad thief. May he repent.

Alice, since I discovered your weblog I have put more heart and soul into my mothering, inspired as I have been by your example. You have inspired me spiritually too. This story is just one more to make me feel that way. Your dd will surely be blessed for years to come by the love and compassion you showed her at this time.

I have to say, it was hardly a petty crime. Not petty to Margaret. My heart goes out to the criminal, who must be so sad and lost, perhaps never had having a mother to show him compassion.

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful story indeed! Alice, how very, very blessed are your children.

Sending love to you all from the east coast! :)

Oh Alice, I love your family more and more each day. Bless you all. A very good mother indeed!

Poor Margaret! Your story is so sweet, Alice. I love your remembrances. Only your mother's touch could make things better.

What's funny is to think that petty thief is going to be MIGHTY disappointed in the contents of that backpack! I had a bag stolen out of my car, containing a cross-stitch project, a baby bib! I know that thief probably felt gypped!

As I was reading your story, like you I was reminded of a time in my childhood when I lost my treasured "baby" (doll)and a special suitcase of her clothing and how I could not get over the hurt of that loss.

Your reaction to Margaret's pain is just so perfect and divinely inspired too, I think.

So glad all is well now. God Bless you guys!
hugs and prayers

Alice, such a wonderful story - you are such an inspiration to me. :)

Poor Margaret! And you, Alice, what a wonderful mother you are!

I'm still mourning the loss of "Baby Beth", who fell out of the car and was left in Wheeler Farm parking lot. . .A lovely story, Alice. Poor Margaret!

Alice, you inspire us ALL! I soooo enjoy how you write about your family with such honesty and tenderness and love! We all benefit from your wisdom in handling these experiences and writing about them. I count myself blessed for knowing you even if it is only through your blog!!! God Bless!

Oh dear sweet Margaret, give her a hug and you are such a great mom Alice, such an inspiration to so many xxoo

Your storytelling is beautiful, and this story brought back tucked away memories. I had ten siblings, and we moved all the time. Each child had a basket for their belongings. (No backpacks then, and we lived in our trailer because my dad lost his job and had to sell our home.) Even after college, I kept a box of specials, but before I was married it was ruined by water in storage. It was heartbreaking, so I hope your daughter fills her new backpack with special memories for many years to come. She is so lucky to have you as a mom.

What a great story, and I so agree -- life will parcel out enough disappointment and heartache ... it's so nice to do what we can do when we can do it. :-) Love to all of you!

I had my handbag stolen along with my daughter's Barbie backpack form where they were hidden in our cars boot. I was so upset because they had stolen my personal diary with a years worth of entries, and some of my little girls spare clothing and i think one of her Barbie dolls. Replacing the cards and my license was a real pain but losing my personal journal was heart rending, I had lost a years worth of memories .

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