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July 29, 2007


Oh, Alice, how true. I know I have done this countless times with my own children.

Soooo good. So enlightening. So true.

Many times like these come back to haunt me and beat me down when I am at my lowest and make me think I am a terrible mother. I do always try to apologize for my behavior to them later but I worry about the effect on their souls in that moment. Sigh.

So very true, Alice. It is reassuring to hear that I am not the only mother who does this, especially from such a lovely, gentle woman.

So true! Thanks for the lovely post.

Sounds all too familiar.

You know, this means to much to have YOU write this, because I think of you as the gentlest of mothers. Thanks!

This is true of me as well. It's rarely the first or second infraction or infractor ~smiling~ that causes the patience to fail but it's that 10th one or 110th one and then wo to the haples child who just left the banana peel on the kitchen floor ;o)

Thanks so much for sharing this.....it has been happening to me all to frequently...darn my temper anyway!

This is wonderful, Alice, and very true.

Julie at Trinity Acres recommended that I check out this post. How true it is dearest Alice!!! I'll have to remember this story the next time I am ready to blow.

Alice, thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is a beautiful illustration of one of the most normal challenges that we mothers face -- and how we might better handle them.

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