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July 14, 2007


Alice, you tell the best stories! Your weblog has become a regular delight for me. And I've just discovered your Garden weblog too. Off the subject, I want to ask, if it's not impertinent, do you make your children's lovely clothes? They are so pretty and unique.

What a sweet ending. I can see you all having that effect on a house. And I agree with you on small houses.

beautiful and so true. i need to remember this myself as we prepare to move.

oh - and i love the husband talk. i'll have to remeber this in a few years.

Alice, this is another awesome post.

So very sweet, Alice. Your older girls will remember this trip forever. :)

I just found your site recently and love it, but this post is just wonderful. What a treasure to pass on to your children!

So true Alice! It really is the family that makes the house a home.

BTW, I love your list of what might be a warning sign of an undesirable husband - I'll remember to add 'soup slurping' to my future list for my girls ~laughing~ and I'll probably need to start reminding my boys of this as well :o)

What a beautiful, beautiful post! We live in a rambling, decpreit old place that looks PRETTY haunted, although my kids have never noticed that.
WE're always telling our daughters who not to marry, too! That's funny.

How right you are! We've lived in all sorts of homes, some in better condition that others, none as lovely as the one you are in, but it doesn't matter at all. It's the people inside. My mother-in-law once wondered how I managed to move so much. "Well," I told her, "I take everything I love with me everywhere I go, so home is where ever we all are at the time." I can make a wide variety of household niceties out of empty food boxes and tin foil, too! :-)

Alice, you are always a joy to read, whether you make a point or not!
But the point was, as usual, right on the mark (and worth waiting for!)

Hooray! What a lovely, jolly, insightful, hilarious, touching post! So glad your 'Whine Country' has turned into another beautiful Gunther Garden.

May I repeat myself for the hundredth time and say how perfectly beautiful this is? The words, the imagery, the insights and the love are all so sweetly intertwined to make for an incredibly inspiring post I will come back to often, just to be inspired again! I love how not one of your words is meaningless or wasted. It is so clear that you and your children make any surrounding, humble or grand, dirty or spotless, into the most glorious of places!

so glad to hear you have found/made a temporary Home in California, Home is where the Hearts of the Family are.
Thanks for the comment about Swallows & Amazons. I've never heard of that series and it looks wonderful.

So true, Alice, beautifully said, as always!! Enjoy your time there!

Thank you, thank you for this precious post.

I can't wait to give my boys a talk about things to avoid if they want to marry women like the Gunther girls!

Nice point!Definitely worth the wait.

Dear Alice, I keep revisiting this post. Your beautiful words left me feeling quite good about our wee little house.
The "red flags" you mention seem like flip side of Proverbs 31, but in reverse. I love it! This blog is just the loveliest place to visit. Thank you!

Perfect and beautiful, Alice!

And, it appears we harp on ... ahem, offer guidance on ... the same things. :-)

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