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June 04, 2007


Thank you, thank you, thank you Madame Hacker. I was trying to get there via the 4Real forum but has having difficulties.

Goodness!~ Lively discussion indeed! It is interesting the difference between the comments that Alice received here and the ones her post is getting there. I must say I am surprised.

I was wondering what they did with her addendum! Thank you for posting it in your comment, Lissa! God bless dear Alice.

It is a beautiful article, Alice! I read it earlier when there weren't any comments. Off to check them out.

PS. Thanks to the Hacker who gave us the heads up! :)

Alice your in good company.

Chesterton said the human house is a paradox, it is larger inside than out. He stated that when we step out our front door each morning and pass from private life to public life we are passing from a greater work to a lesser one, from a harder task to an easier one. He cited that this was the reason modern people have embraced public life in far great numbers than ever.

He pointed out that in public life we met the minor needs of many, whereas in the home we meet all the major needs of our own precious few. He believed that people would rather tackle the complexities of their particular field/expertise rather than struggle with the whole human character of just one child.

Congratulations Alice, on your choice of a nobler, more difficult yet ultimately more rewarding direction for your life, you had a lot to put aside in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately these simple truths puzzle many still.

Congratulations, Alice! I look forward to seeing more of your articles at Catholic Exchange.
Please visit my blog because I tagged you.

Alice, it was a beautiful article and one that gave me joy all day yesterday!
I love aussie ann's comment too, and I echo it.
Love and prayers to you.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to add that in my blog post yesterday I put in a quote from your article
I loved it that much

Beautiful article, of course, Alice! And there is absolutely no basis for any criticism of it! So there, negative commentors!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and hurrah to our dear Alice!

What a beautiful thought provoking post!!

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