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June 15, 2007


Happy Birthday to your little angel - she's adorable.

Happy 1st Birthday, Cutie Pie!

What a beautiful birthday girl!

She is a precious little girl! And look at that gorgeous sky color!

Happy Birthday - great smile

Happy birthday! We all miss you! Hey, that's the Golden Gate Bridge!! Cool!

Alice, she was beautiful a year ago, she is even more beautiful on her first birthday..

I hope you are all having a lovely family time together on the other side of the States!

Happy Birthday little Eileen!!
She looks so happy. May God bless her!

Happy birthday, golden girl!

Happy Days to you, dear little one! What fun!

Happy birthday, precious Eileen :).

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! And welcome to California! :)

Happy Birthday to a sweet, precious and happy little girl! WHAT A SMILE! It melts your heart, doesn't it, Alice?!

Happy Birthday to your precious baby girl- you guys sure make CUTE kids! Hope you're enjoying California!

Happy birthday to your beautiful little angel. God bless her!

Alice, I hope your beautiful little angel had a lovely first birthday! God Bless her and her dear ones:)

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl! I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Happy birthday to your beautiful baby!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful "CA" girl!

Happy Birthday dear one!!! You are loved...
We miss you!!!

Happy birthday to a very cute little girl! Great walking too!

Wishing a happy, happy belated birthday to precious Eileen!

Oh I can't believe it, already!!! Happiest Birthday wishes to that sweet little angel!! Happy touring!

Time sure does fly!! Happy Birthday, Little One. God bless.

Wow, a year already? Have I really been reading your blog for 6 months now? You've been such a blessing to me Alice.

Happy Birthday sweetie.

Happy Birthday, Little Munchkin!

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