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June 26, 2007


I have to agree with Marie - it gives me shivers. But I love your point of going into the human aspect of it and therefore showing a respect for that humanity.

What an insight Alice. Thank you for sharing it with us. It does give me the crepps, but thanks for the reminder to have empathy for the humanity behind it.

Alice, you are such a good person! How very blest your children are to have you guide them through this world!

Grace, it is a mighty thing. I think this piece of art is amazing (No I do not like it) because it taught you a lesson. I spent lots of childhood days at Golden Gate park. It is beautiful
xoxoxo Clarice

It sort of reminds me of this head, on the Esplanade in Boston: http://p.vtourist.com/1543591-Esplanade_Hatch_Shell-Boston.jpg

Hey, your reaction is normal--perhaps it's even the reaction the artist expects. As a lunching point for a story of the last remnant of the long forgotten and buried city of the pink giants, it it first-rate, no?

Goodness, did I write "lunching" point? LOL!

Well, it was our "lunching point"! LOL!

Objectively speaking, I think it is fair to say the sculpture is not a thing of beauty. But you are so right that there is beauty behind it, inasmuch as the artist himself was made by the hand of God. Wonderful reflection, Alice!

My dd would cry too if asked to picnic near that head. Infact she'd probably do more than cry. And I would tend to feel sympathy for the artist, even though I personally think it is hideous! His note really touched my heart. So I can appreciate both your and Marie's perspectives.

The only saving message from this blog post is that they'll be removing it soon. I'm with your daughter -- I don't think I could have eaten lunch in his shadow!

Hope your having a blast in my hometown!

Lovely reflection, Alice.

Methinks I would have been scared too! (and I'm 30!)

As always dear your inisghts being me to another level.

But I still don't like the ugly thing.

That was supposed to be "bring me"

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