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June 01, 2007


My favourite prayer :)

That picture is precious, Alice.

I love this prayer and say it often, I also like to substitute names of friends and family for the word "me."

It is probably one of the most loved prayers - I read recently that is also an 'exorcism' prayer as well - very powerful!!

Alice, is that your fenceline? That hedge is just spectacular, does it flower all year or parts of it?

I love the Anima Christi; it's a prayer that never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

The picture of your little one next to those huge flowering bushes--just gorgeous!

WHAT a photo!!

I love this prayer, too and the picture is adorable. She looks like one of the blossoms!

One of my favorite prayers as well, and I must echo all the others -- that photo is spectacular!

That is a truly stunning photo. Good catch!

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