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June 22, 2007


Such enormous and yet obviously exciting changes Alice. I do hope that you all settle in beautifully and I really look forward to your San Franciso journal!

God Bless to you all!

I so know what you mean about flying...esp. with all the dc. Or, of course, just with dh :-/ But honey, what if something happens and my sister becomes the mother of 12 children overnight????
Your home away from home sounds lovely - we read the Penderwicks as well :-) Btw, are you driving a Sprinter? We get total strangers wanting to check out our van all the time, lol. Of course, there is no gargae parking for the thing...
Enjoy Alice :-)

Dearest Alice,
Thank you for taking the time to post about your adventures. I look forward to hearing more!!!
Love to all,

Your trip sounds wonderful. New places can be so intimidating, for kids and adults alike!

I love that you posted the Anima Christi before your departure. Simply beautiful!

Enjoying your blog.
I can't imagine going on a plane with seven kids AND having a fear of flying, but I guess they could help distract you from your fear!

My dh is petrified of flying. We have so many tales!

I'm enjoying all the updates and posts. We miss you!

You are so brave! I am excited to hear about your family's California adventure! Thank you for sharing!

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