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June 29, 2007


“Observing, nurturing, and photographing a playful group of primates in a familial setting in hopes of eventually training and communicating with them.”

My primates want to know why I'm laughing out loud, but they never understand. No point yet, but the journey is entertaining!

Sounds like you're having quite the adventure out there!

Those San Francisco hills need a little of your sunshine and life. I love it!
hugs and prayers,

Too, too funny, Alice! but...I can't help wondering...what was that point you were going to make? ;-)

LOL, Jane. I'm sure everyone is wondering! You'll notice the title says "moving toward" a point! Forgive me for taking so long to actually get to the point!

: ) : ) : )

Now my fear is that when I finally do, no one will think it was worth it!

You are cracking me up!
And you are killing me with this "point" thing!
Spill, already, will ya?

I love your stories....keep them up!

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