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June 23, 2007


Oh my, Alice! What a fantastic story! My heart was pounding the whole time. I hope things have calmed down since that first day.

The townhome sounds delightful. I'd love to see more photographs!

Oh, yes, yes, more illustrations for this most delightful travel journal! (Though of course your words do paint such expressive pictures on their own.) I anxiously await the next delicious chapter!

For a moment, I thought you had lifted a great time travel story from some novel...the adult being Patrick-in-the-future. I love the photos. More, please!

It sounds like a trip to a magical land, but then SF is magical. Clarice

You are exactly right - it never occured to me that the absent monther in all children's novels would put a quick end to these fabulous adventures. How funny. Can't wait to read more!

What a drama!!! I agree with the other comments - I felt transported into a novel!!! Thanks for taking the time to share. I'm eager for more :)

Oh wow, what a tale retold! The garden sounds beautiful. I'd love to see more pictures also. How long will you be there?

Goodness! Well, I'm glad everything turned out alright, it is always disjointing to be in a new home ... can't wait to hear more, you are leaving us in some suspense!

Oh, Alice, this was a delicious story! So glad it had a happy ending! You sound like you're living a tale out of the "Mitchell's" series! I agree, I can't wait to hear more!

You certainly write a vivid visual!!! I think this trip would make an exciting book and perhaps even a MOVIE!!! I was right there in the moment with you to the point that my heart, too, was beating fast! Do you suppose you could back up and relive this day and get it on video? What a great post! The last part was so funny!

This is a good book! Please continue!

And how my heart went out to you as I too have been known to go into full blown panic within three seconds of not knowing where one or more of the children are.

But I was cracking up also because your description was so funny ~ laughing with you, not at you,
hugs and prayers,

I can't write anything Alice, everyone has expressed my thoughts completely! I'll just say, "All's well that ends well!~"

Good grief, that was an eerie story - with a sudden and hilarious resolution! That image of you running around in the tablecloth - heh!

I do think I hear a great children's story in the works. Better than the Penderwicks, I dare say. :)

More photos! More photos! More photos!

Please. ;)

Yes, more photos!! This is great and the anticipation. I actually held my breath!

What an adventure my friend!

Since I'd already chewed my nails off over your retelling of this tale on the phone, I was able to relax and enjoy the comedy in this splendid rendition. Even knowing how it ended, you made me laugh out loud with the tablecloth! This is bound to become another staple of my girls' repetoire of "Gunther Girls stories."

(Alice knows this, but the rest of you don't--several times a week, my kids demand to hear their favorite anecdotes about Alice's children. We have a whole arsenal of hilarious Gunther tales, and if Alice weren't such a fabulous writer herself I would be stealing them right and left!!)

Can't wait for the next chapter, dahling.

June in SF - I've never been so cold! It'll warm up in October for about 2 weeks. ;)

These are great Alice!
I think you are giving me an inkling into what Charles Dickens readers felt while they waited for the next chapter of one of his books!

I am hanging onto every word, Alice! And I can't wait to read more adventures!

Maybe you were wearing a tablecloth, but then again, maybe the table was wearing a shawl!

What a way to keep your readers coming back. I can't wait to read more about our exciting adventures in San Francisco.

Oh,Alice! I was really laughing about the killing off the mothers statement. How scary and unnerving for you..this will become part of your family forklore for sure. Nephew C would love for Daddy Gunther to rent a townhome for you in Chicago for next summer. :)

My sister and brother learned to drive clutch on those hills! I just decided to wait until I lived somewhere else before I even attempted driving ...

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