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June 11, 2007


I am delighted and heart-warmed to discover this blog today. I tried to E-mail. How do you think of all the amazing crafts? I don't have children, so maybe they just inspire things. What a lovely place, and as the photos of the children adoring Mary melt my heart into a puddle, I am sure they do also the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I have been blessed with many miracles so have a small home full of pictures and shrines of Jesus and Mary.

Love to all of you, including "Little Mo" from "Big Mo" or people call me "Auntie Mo"

As always, you pull at the heartstrings. Thank you so very, very much. What truly beautiful and touching posts.

Alice, it was so touching to hear of your mother's sadness at not being able to conceive a child, but I'm happen to know that you and your lovely children have given her much joy to make up for it! I have fond memories of chatting with her as we were walking toddlers up and down the hallways during the children's catechism class.
As a mother whose secondary infertility has kept her family to a mere three, I sometimes feel sorry for myself when I am surrounded by large, happy families. It was an important reminder to me that the Blessed Mother had only one perfect child.

Alice, as much as I loved last week's article (even quoted from it) I really loved this week's article!
I can relate with your mother's plight very much. I experienced the same emotions. I too, went and still go, to St. Joseph.

Blessedly, we've been given our four to love and cherish (through adoption) but my heart is saddened sometimes when I realize this is probably it for us. Only God truly knows.
Thanks for sharing your light, it is a blessing!

Ohh I am soo glad you are getting to see the west coast. Isn't is beautiful xoxox Clarice

Beautiful Alice, so you're on my side of the tracks, better check in with you!!

So sweet, Alice! I especially loved the comment from your dad!

Superb...I like it so much

Perfect and beautiful, as always. :-)

Was thinking of you today and just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Love in Christ,

I've loved both those articles!!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Alice, and I'm so glad to hear you've settled in by the other shining sea!

Thank you all so very much!!!

Jane, I was telling dh that one particular comment at Catholic Exchange was so sweet that people would probably think it was from my father! Actually, I do not know who that commenter is, but it isn't my dad. Like you though, I appreciated it!

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