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May 22, 2007


Alice, I absolutely could not get over the beauty of the Midsummer Night's Dream - that was just most hauntingly gorgeous thing I have ever seen. And look how beautiful your ordinary life is!

I love, love all the photos but the first one is truly wonderful. My two boys hug/wrestle each other all the day. To watch sibling love grow is truly a blessed experience.

Beautiful post, Alice! What a glorious day for your sweet children. :)


Oh, they're all so SWEET!!! How ould she be that big already, sweet Eileen! Many more blessings to you in your days of Summer, Hugs!

Alice, such beautiful children and photos...and that precious baby girl walking already - too cute! :)

Margaret's flower looks a lot like ground ivy, the plant we found in our yard last year: http://melissawiley.typepad.com/bonnyglen/2006/04/the_weed_former.html , as you should find in that link.

What a beautiful day you had! How great!

It is indeed precious to see your two older daughters holding hands! That is a rarity in this day and age!!! You are blest to have them give such a wonderful example to the little ones. They are all so sweet!

I loved the Midsummer Night's Dream pics! Do they have any idea how fortunate they are to have a loving, caring, creative Mom like you?!

Beautiful pictures. When did your baby become a toddler? If I blink she'll be a teenager!

It does look just like a little teddy bear - how observant of Margaret.

What a lovely day, Alice. And what a beautiful, loving family.

Lovely family, lovely gardens, lovely day and such a beautiful spirit each of you have as always...what blessings! Thank you for sharing.

Oh so pretty. Both the gardens and your children. What a blessed way to spend the day:-)

Slow down, time, indeed -- my eldest is eighteen now. **sigh**

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us!

Breathtaking, Alice!

Let me tarry, indeed. And yet Time blithely rushes on.
So we press on to.
Till Home and stepping out of time into eternity.
Press on!

All's grace,

I've been back here a few times just enjoying all the beautiful photos below.

And yes, the one with your daughters holding hands is to be truly treasured.

Hope it's okay that I linked you.

Beautiful, as always, Alice. I love the pic of your daughters holding hands...sure makes me hope I have some someday! (daughters, that is!)

How cute Eileen looks toddling around :).

I can return to this post again and again and never tire of it! Beautiful as always!

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