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May 31, 2007


Alice what a beautiful statue and a beautiful gesture. I so enjoy your blog. You encourage me daily with your sincere devotion.

I had thought of doing the same thing with mine. We will hopefully be moving soon and I don't like the idea of packing her up. I'll have to pray about this a little more and see what develops.

She's so beautiful! I'm glad you found a new statue that fits in your home. I wish I was in your hs'ing group so she could visit our home!

How sweet and generous you are to share! Yes, what a vacation Mother Mary has in store!

Beautiful setting, beautiful statue, beautiful idea! I love this window and the tiole fabric!

What an awesome testimony of Our Lady's generosity! You are a blessing to so many my dear friend!

She does speak clearly Alice, what a mother!

I was deeply touched by the original posting about the statue breaking, the way you handled it all, I am in awe, truly am. I

It is such a beautiful statue with a backdrop to make the jawdrop! A BEAUTIFUL image.

She is beautiful, Alice, and so are you.

How wonderful Alice, you are such a generous soul, may you be richly rewarded!

What a lovely statue Alice! And what a lovely idea to lend her to other families. How I wish I lived near you! Your gardens are truly beautiful!

Hmm... My original comment here didn't go through...

Alice, this is such a beautiful thing to do for Our Lady. May all of these families be richly blessed.

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