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May 11, 2007


What fun!
BTW, your new banner photo is supremely beautiful, Alice!

Oh, YAY!

Wait, let me get my popcorn and Dr. Pepper. I'll be right back. :)

Can't wait to *see* the presentation.

Love, love, love your new banner, Alice. It's beautiful.

Beautiful! I can't wait for more. :)

The new banner is just beautiful! Have a lovely Mother's Day, dear Alice!

Wow....that's quite the outfit! Ans she seems to already be in character. Time to get the video camera out.

That is just too beautiful - as is your new banner photo. Your whole page is just enchanting!

Love the banner pic, Alice!

That banner photo took my breath away. So beutiful. Happy Mother's Day, Alice!

I love how these recent photos capture the innocence and sweetness of childhood. I see them and I am encouraged to keep on safeguarding my children's childhood. I also remind myself that I have to become a child in order to follow Christ. Just beautiful, Alice. Happy Mother's Day!

Oooh, I can hardly wait to see more! And I agree, the banner photo is gorgeous!

That is a beautiful picture (and I absolutely love the banner photo too). But best of all is your room. I want to come live there!

You capture the most amazing memories! I got a sneak peek at the performance at Mary Ellen's blog! I can't wait to see more! Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments! I'm in awe!

I'm just getting back into blogging after a long break. I loved popping in hear and seeing all of the gorgeous photos. It feels like something out of a dream here at your blog! What beauty you have made and captured.

She's adorable. I love the photo at the top of your blog too. So precious, so innocent.

You too? We've been performing Twelfth Night, video recording several scenes each week. Three more weeks to go. Ain't it grand? What a privilege this mothering/educating life is. I look forward to more pictures, Alice!
All's grace,

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