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May 01, 2007


Oh my, the baskets are beautiful! Each one, so distinctly lovely, just as the little hands that made them. Happy first of May, dear Alice!

Alice, these are so amazing!! And the amazing thing is that my plan for our May Baskets this year was a "cone shaped" basket, sort of Victorian-style, and here you've made them so much more lovely that I could even imagine!! I am honored that you've named one after me sweet friend, you are just too much!! Love and Hugs and Happy Feasting for May to you all!! Congratulations to your angelic first communicant!!

They are just beautiful, Alice!

We are busy making our traditional cone-shaped May Day baskets again this year. Yours are beautiful! God bless your First Communicant! What a wonderful gift!

These are beautiful, Alice (and girls). We are planning to make a few of these ourselves later today!

They are wonderful! I've never made these before but am thinking about giving it a try. Thank you for the lovely idea, Alice.

A happy May day wish Alice. xoxo Clarice

Thank you so much for another beautiful idea! Have a blessed May.

They're so beautiful!!

We made these with some friends today! They turned out so beautiful. Unfortunately I forgot my camera! But we had a great time. Thanks so much for this and all of your wonderful ideas.

They are so beautiful! You never cease to amaze me.

I really love the first picture of beautiful Marie! You must be so proud!

I love this idea! The baskets are so lovely!

They are beautiful, Alice! And I know you all must have really enjoyed making them. I helped my kids make some May cones yesterday, too, and we also made some Mary magnets as gifts for family. (I've posted pictures on my blog!)

We made 40 of these, and just didn't have the energy to make handmade Spiritual Bouquet cards. Since we wanted to include them, I went to a site where one can create free downloadable business cards for girls, and chose logos and printing appropriate to the theme. (A flower garden, with text in pink. We used the "Company name" box to say "A Spiritual Bouquet" and the "contact info" box to say "I will remember your intentions on May ---, 2007." All dd had to do was fill in the date and sign her name. They turned out remarkably well.

Thank you for the pictures and ideas!! We made some for family and my kids loved delivering them secretly.

We made one for a little different purpose. Please come take a look and thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

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