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May 19, 2007


I am so inspired! I had been wondering about the details as well. Thank you. It looks fabulous!!

So beautiful and inspiring!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and these photos! All of the parents of these wonderful actors must be bursting with pride! Our children are inspired...you get a standing ovation from the tappclan!

Fabulous. My dd's in a production of 'Joseph' in the autumn. I might make a pitch for Shakespeare to be next on the list...

I loved 'hearing' about this production. Thanks for sharing it.

That is so wonderful! What a fabulous setting as well. And that last photo is stunning!

Bravo!!! The photographs are just exquisite. I can only imagine how delightful the live production must have been!!!

This is wonderful! I'm making a note of this for our future (the oldest in our co-op is 6/7, and at home, 3... so a few years away!) It looks like it was so much fun:-)

Thank you for all of the background information, Alice. We have done small scale Christmas Pageants here, but I have been thinking about moving to larger scale productions. This was very helpful information. Again, everything looks just lovely.

BRAVO!! When will the video version be available? :D We are proud of your wonderful tribute to homeschooling!

Thank you for sharing the details, Alice. The photos are awesome. What a great job by all.

This is just so wonderful. You all are so blessed to have such a great homeschooling group. I agree, what an awesome tribute to homeschooling. Thank you for sharing.

That is so cool the kids could take it on the road! I bet they were thrilled ... did y'all make the costumes too????

Wish we could have been there ... this is a great example of real learning!

How fortunate to have so many to share your homeschooling journey with. The pictures were fabulous.

How fabulous! Thank you for sharing with us :-)

Simply charming! How we'd love to be involved in something like this.

Alice, the children, photos, children, setting, and costumes are simply gorgeous. I can't even imagine what the entire production must have been like. Kudos to all involved, and thank you so much for sharing!

Lovely to see you pictures and read about your journey. We too put together a performance of Shakespeare, doing The Comedy of Errors. The children simply blew me away with their love of the words and the gusto with which they approached their roles. You can see our pictures on my log. We will be doing Taming of the Shrew this fall to run the same weekends as the adult version, with me directing both! Yes, I am crazy! I am inspired to follow your lead and plan a Spring production in a garden as well. Thank you for sharing!

I thought clicking on my name would link you to my blog. Oops!

Alice, finally here! What a delight to see your Midsummer's Night Dream play - this is one of my all time favourite Shakespeare plays and you have all done absolute wonders with it! The setting, costumes, photos - everything, how I wish I were there to have seen it!

Fabulous pictures....

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