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May 18, 2007


You captured it so beautifully, Alice, I'm linking to this post while I work on a slide show of my photos of the play. It was enchanting! Well done, Gunther family!

"MacBeth - 'The Scooter Photos: Pagan Edition.'" Hilarious! Howling with laughter here, wiping tears from eyes...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures...it made me smile! I also love your header. Thanks for brightening my day.

I love the new header photo! I thought it was wonderful when you blogged it, but it's just ideal for your header! 'The Fairies' Lunch Hour' is also gorgeous!

That is just the definition of beautiful!
Flowers, fairies, Shakespearean language...all gorgeous!
And I love MacBeth's photo caption!Too funny!

Beautiful photos, Alice.

Oh how fun!!! I love the pic of Titania and her sprites. I don't think nature could have timed the setting for the fairies' lunch any better - PERFECT!!!

How much fun everyone is having! Beautiful photos...and MacBeth, too funnt!

So SWEET! That is a performance I would pay to see.

Beautiful! I wish I could have been there to see it! :)

Just wonderful! And MacBeth's line definitely deserved to be in print. :) Can't wait for more photos, Alice.

How utterly fun! I love the photos, Alice. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

I love the photos - and you've inspired me - My daughter and I are going to read A Midsummer Night's Dream - too bad we don't have a whole crowd to do the play with!

What sweet photos. My girls would have loved to join it. Clarice

Alice, do you know you are planning my future in these photographs?? Once I put together my "Cottage Blessings" notebook of ideas, how little I will have to do to bring magic into my daughters' lives!!

Having a look at these photos sure is a nice way to start my day. Beautiful!!


God Loving, Beautiful, talented, creative, energetic, amazing homeschooling MOMS!!!!!!!!!

God Bless You All!

This is so gorgeous.... I'm in awe! I would love to show your fairies on my blog... come visit...


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