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May 03, 2007


Fun, friends and fond memories ~ what an absolutely beautiful day!! I wish so much my little Crackerjack (and all of us) could have been there! :)

Great pics - precious little children - I love the last photo!! :)

LOL! I always do manage to call in the middle of your festivities, don't I! Either my telephone timing is awesome or terrible, depending on how you look at it.

Those pictures are stunningly beautiful. I love love love the three little First Communicants, especially hanging from the tree. That photo is a prize winner!

Great pictures. What a wonderful group you have.

I wish I was there!

Those are the most precious pictures of First Communicants I have ever seen (along with the others you posted in your previous posts)! Like little children should be, even when dressed in their best.

Such sweet pictures. Mary's finest blessings to her young handmaidens!

The photos are stunningly beautiful! How well you've captured the grace and joy of lovely children on such a blessed day. I hope that you will frame that last one and hang it in a special place of honor.

Oh so lovely! What another blessed day you have had!

The beauty, innocence and JOY of these photos is something I intend to guard in my heart all weekend long. I wish I could have been included in that amazing list at the end!

You lift my spirits every time I visit, Alice. Love to you all and a big BIG request for prayers for my first communicant, Stephen, along with Dawn's and Alicia's and anyone else I'm forgetting! (Which I ALWAYS do.)

Reading this post is such a lovely way to start out my Friday! What beautiful pictures from such a special day. :)

Wow!! That last photo is absolutely precious!! It needs to be blown up and framed.

What great memories!! Such sweet and beautiful little ones everywhere! Blessings!

My what green grass you have! What sweet girls, the tree photo is the best! God bless them all!

Girls. Grass. Giggles. Glory to God.

Gem of a Day, Alice!
Warm blessings...
All's Grace,

WOW! Congratulations to your dear Marie - and Alice, I absolutely enjoyed those photos!

The ones with the 3 Communicants were stunning!

So beautiful! You could make that last one part of a "Calendar of Sacramental Memories" or something like that. :)


I hadn't had a chance to look at these until now (after reading today's post)...and now I get the scooter comment...lol.

HOw wonderful, I love the pictures!

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