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April 28, 2007


Oh Alice, am I the first that gets to comment on these beautiful photos? What a lovely girl! An angel on wheels! Bless her heart!

Sweet Marie, indeed! May our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist always remain as close to your heart as He is this day, Marie!
P.S. love the picture on the scooter!!!

So, so beautiful - and love the scooter picture, too. Congratulations on a soecial day.

Alice, these are the sweetest photos! Please tell dear Marie we are praying for her and sending lots of love her way!

What a wonderful laugh your beautiful little lady on the scooter gave us this morning!God bless her!

How beautiful. Congratulations to Marie. I love the one on the scooter.

I love them all, esp. the scooter ... :-) ... and the first one is exquisite!

Alice, these are beautiful photos. What a special day for Marie.

These photos are a treasure! Congratulations!

There is a reason why everyone is using the word "beautiful" in their comments! My goodness, what a little saint!

I will be keeping Marie close in prayer, right alongside my Stephen.

So beautiful.
I'm so happy she had a beautiful day. The picture on the scooter is priceless. :)

Isn't she beautiful?! And I see that you have a new Mary in time for May. :)
I just love the scooter picture. :)

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! I love that last photo. :)

So, so sweet! Congratulations!

Beautiful photos, Alice. Scooter is priceless!

I say that girl has a grand future ahead of her. How precious is that? I love it.

Alice-What a Blessed Day you gave me Thank-You

What a lovely day your Marie must have had! Congratulations!!

What a lovely day your Marie must have had! Congratulations!!

What a precious little girl! And I too, just love the scooter picture!

Congratulations, what a beautiful girl (and those long eyelashes).
Blessing Clarice

Beautiful!! Congratulations, Marie. What a glorious day.

Lovely! The dress is stunning, and so is the maiden. :)

May she always remain as pure and beautiful!

Love in Christ,


Alice, she is a beauty! Doesn't each child's FHC touch your heart more and more poignantly? Instead of becoming routine, the sacrament becomes more and more awesome with each child.

What a special day! She is so beautiful! And such a lovely dress! Great pictures.

What a special day! She is so beautiful! And such a lovely dress! Great pictures.

What a beautiful girl! And wonderful pictures!
May she always be as close to God as she is today!

What a lovely day for a lovely Marie! Congratulations to the "angel on wheels"!!!

You need to put a warning that advises us to swallow before viewing that last one! Either that or I need a splash guard for my computer!

She is lovely in every way!

What a joyous day, and you captured it beautifully :-)

Alice these are precious, priceless. I was oohing and aahing and then I was laughing out loud.

What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations!!!

I posted about your beautiful pictures. Love the scooter.
My daughter is this weekend.

I just love these photos! Marie is a beautiful young lady full of joy and life. The last photo makes me smile! Congratulations, Marie!

Congratulations, dear Marie! You are lovely and well loved. May Jesus always stay close to your heart.

Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful day! I wonder if Marie's Guardian Angel enjoyed that scooter ride?

I am a lurker on your weblog but simply must pop up and say what a beautiful and sweet daughter you have, the photos are lovely, and the scooter one was hilarious! Congratulations to your family on your dd's special day.

Marie looks beautiful on her special day! Congratulations!

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