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April 13, 2007


I do agree Alice... and there are 4 more lots available on my street if anyone of you wants to move to Massachusetts. (2 of them are on the cul-de-sac)

You took the post right out of my mouth!

I do agree with you because I completely love Karen. And a whole neighborhood of you all would be a dream.

Oh, Alice, you are too much. I just now read this, and you guys are making me cry. Why can't you all just move to Nebraska? My kids are constantly complaining that we live on a street of old people. We need all of you best cyber buddies right here!!

Can I gloat over having had the immense pleasure of hanging out with awesome cyber-buddy Karen in Kansas? We could have stayed up all night talking. 4 real! ;) She is every bit as warm and wonderful as her writing suggests. And her girls are pure delight. My girls are still talking about how much fun they had (almost getting us kicked out of the hotel, LOL LOL)...

Karen, I hope you make it over the top in this contest...I was tickled last night to hear from my father who said he'd voted for my friend Karen E! :) :) :)

Can you imagine the size of the cul-de-sac we'd need for all of our best cyber buddies? Or how much our kids would love it? We'd never get any actual schoolwork done, but so much real learning would take place.

I guess we'll have to wait for Heaven and allow God to sprinkle us as salt throughout our real life neighborhoods for now and be content to meet here in our virtual cul-de-sac. But someday....

Oh, and Alice, posts like this (and the others you've written about these awards) are exactly why you belong at the top of the Best Encourager list.

Karen, Jennifer, and Cheryl, I forgot to say that...

You deserved each and every vote!

I just wish they'd have let me vote three times. Honestly, it was so hard to decide in so many of the categories. You are all such a gift!

Lissa, that's too sweet about your dad! And thanks for all the kind words -- it's all true at our end, too. We loved our time with you in Kansas and my kids talk about your kids all the time.

Jennifer, Cheryl, Diane, Alice, Lissa ... now there's a street of dreams. You are all the best cyber buddies a mom could hope for.

And MARGARET!! :-)

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