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April 15, 2007


Alice, Thank You for this beautiful Mercy lesson - so much of that time was erased from my memory. It is wonderful to be under a mother's care like this. So many graces have been received, we are just in awe of His mercy! Love, Brigid :)

Oh, Alice, you've got me in tears here. How absolutely beautiful.

Brigid, we've never met or corresponded, but I hold you in my heart through our connection with Alice and through many prayers prayed for you with every request and update that came our way.

God is so good, and our Mother so merciful.

I remember praying for Brigid all those years ago on the CCM list... Thank you for letting us know the whole beautiful story and praise be to God for Brigid's health and his loving Mercy and care.

I echo Karen's sentiments. This is such a moving piece.

So beautiful, Alice.
His mercies endure forever! Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us! Jesus I trust in Thee!

Alice, the further I read the more my eyes filled with tears - such a moving piece - thank God for Brigid's restored health!

Oh, Alice! And oh, Brigid!

Brigid, do you know how much it fills my heart with joy that you are still here with us, able to comment on this post! And still, I might add, sending me wonderful packages with funny notes and your little signature caricature that is one of my favorite things in the whole world to see. I am thankful every single day for your recovery. BEYOND thankful

Those phone calls, Alice. I heard them both in a row--first your merry voice calling for our regular chat, and then ten seconds later, I'm listening to a you I've never heard before: devastated, sobbing. Oh, it was awful.

And then Brigid, your package. You and I had cooked up a plan--I was going to drive up and surprise Alice by crashing the party. But I wasn't able to pull it off, and you must have wanted to make sure I got to experience it vicariously. Opening that box full of cappuccino bars and cinnamon mini-muffins, with your cheery note on top, the little smiling Brigid doodle at the bottom of the page...and I kept thinking, if only I'd gone, maybe the timing would have been different, maybe you wouldn't have been on the road right at that moment...

I was really grateful that my parents happened to be coming for my birthday a couple of days later, so that Scott and I were able to leave the children with them and drive up to visit you in the hospital. The ICU waiting room was packed with your friends and family...so many people wanted to be by your side.

The best part of my trip to Alice's this past summer was sitting on her couch with you once more, gabbing like old times. When I look around our house, so much of it is Brigid! Books, the baby's blanket, little toys you've made for the kids over the years...

How thankful I am that God gave you back to us!

Alice, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful tribute to our Brigid--and Our Lady.


Thank you for posting this beautiful tribute to Brigid. I often wonder how she is doing and continue to pray for her and her family. Brigid is just beautiful.

Oh Alice, it took me two attempts to read this to the end through the tears. How well I remember that awful time of praying for Brigid and hoping for good news. She had been on my mind recently ... I was wondering how she was doing and had been meaning to ask. Thank you so much for this post.

Alice, I am in tears! What a beautiful story of Our Lady's care. You have been witness to so many miracles and blessings. Thank you for continually sharing them with us, that we may all praise God's infinite goodness together.

Brigid, though I do not know you, I know that you must be quite a wonderful woman! May God continue to bless you and your family.

I remember praying for Brigid for several years. I wondered many times, "How is she doing now?" My eyes have been brimming with tears all afternoon and this just sent them brimming over. I don't know you Brigid...but I do...those who have prayed together for an unknown friend will know one another well, on that day.
Oh Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I Trust in You!

Thanks so much Alice, for this post. How often over the past several years Brigid has popped into my thoughts and prayers. Brigid, if you read this, you have become part of our lives down here in Texas! How wonderful to see your photo...my girls will be thrilled :-)

So beautiful, Alice! I'm just sitting here all in tears.

Thank you everyone!

Gwen, when I was going through old emails, I found a message to our local group from Lissa mentioning you and your prayer efforts! I was so interested in this because I don't think that I knew you back then!

You are all such beautiful friends.

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