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April 02, 2007


What a beautiful song. I am probably the only person who has never heard it before. Unfortunately, we sing the over-simplified little ditties at our church.

That's one of our favorite hymns too!

Thank-You Thank-You
I listened to all the hymns,now I am singing and
so happy,tell Marie Thanks

Lovely post. And I completely agree on not dumbing down children's music. My children's favourite hymn is 'Jerusalem the golden' with similarly uncompromising words!

Wonderful Alice, what a blessed day that will be!! Prayers for your little Marie!

Alice, that is one of my favorite hymns. And it's so lovely in harmony, too. My mother always had that same philosophy--bring them to the heights in music and challenge them. Don't bring them down to a low level with little ditties.

That hymn is substance. And you're so right, it's a catechism in itself. Wonderful post as always.

Absolutely beautiful! I can just hear your daughters singing. What a wonderful hymn for her First Holy Communion. As always, I have a little tear in my eye.

Marie is a lucky girl - that is a beautiful hymn.

Oh I want to print this off and hand it to our music director. Most of our music is so dumbed down, it is very painful sometimes.

OHHHH Alice you are so lucky that your Church sings the oldies but goodies -- I don't even want to tell you what we had for Palm Sunday! One was from the Westminister (ie. Presbyterian) Hymnal and the others were equally out of place.....prayers for Marie's FHC!

We love that hymn as well and I agree completely with the idea that children thrive on beauty and richness of meaning.

Conratulations on the forthcoming FHC. And happy anniversary for this week! Hugs....

Alice, this is a wonderful post. I don't know this hymn, but it sounds lovely. That's a great picture of your children too. I remembered it from your previous post.

Marianna and I have always avoided the Children's Masses as our last parish was fond of 'This Little Light of Mine', and 'If You're Happy and You Know It'. We accidently attended our new parish's Children's Mass and they were singing gorgeous substantial songs like Marie's. They sounded angelic!
Prayers for Marie's upcoming First Holy Communion!

I love this hymn too. Sadly, I never heard it as a child (we were at a 'folk mass' parish) It is so beautiful. Jake will be receiving his First Holy Communion in a couple of weeks too. I haven't any word on the hymns yet though. I hope they are just as special.

So beautiful, Alice. Many prayers for Marie's first communion. That's a beautiful hymn too. I've never heard it before.

What a great meditation for Thursday!! And what a lovely picture of your children in front of the Blessed Sacrament!

What a beautiful post! I do agree that children are ready to REALLY get to know and fall in love with Jesus, through discipleship. A pity so many people waste this time when their children's hearts are so open to HIM!

So beautiful! That is one of my favorite hymns. I'll surely remember this lovely post the day my daughter approaches her First Communion. It is just so memorable. Thank you, and God bless your dear Marie!

Beautiful, Alice! That hymn is my 22-month-old's favorite lullaby...

It is a lovely hymn, indeed. I am the director for our Latin Mass children's choir and am amazed to hear my little seven member choir, ranging in age from 6 to 13, quickly and easily learning the Latin hymns I select for them. We have even started two part harmony...last week when we rehearsed O Jesu Deus and those two sincere altos came chimed in perfectly on their part during the refrain, I felt my eyes get misty. Thanks for sharing this lovely story, Alice.

This is one of my very favorites! Happy Easter Alice! God bless you.

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