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March 06, 2007


Oh, but she is too irresistable. Those eyes, those cheeks, those....oh, how I need another baby! :)

She has the most amazing eyes!

Poor sweet baby!

She is so cute and those eyes! Wow, so big and beautiful!!

She has such an adorable face! And those eyes are just fabulous!

She's so cute!! And look at those gorgeous eyes!!!

What big, beautiful eyes! Precious darling!

Those big beautiful mournful eyes, you're right, perfect poster child.

Beautiful baby - I love her eyes!! Here in Cajun country we call those tears, "alligator tears."

Oh, those eyes! So blue!

Little Cherub can empathise. She is also a sorrowful baby, with a fever for the past two days. We have had a few mournful faces and tears here too.

Oh my goodness! She's so beautiful.

Oh my goodness what a darling! Those Eyes!!!

She is beautiful, Alice!

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