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March 17, 2007


I love those crafts so much! Just might have to make a Sculpey run today...my girls would be thrilled.

What a beautiful way to teach the Sign of the Cross! I have never heard those explanations before—the two shoulders to represent the wings of the dove, etc. Thank you for this. I can't wait to share it with my children.

Thank you, Lissa and Anne.

>I have never heard those explanations >before—the two shoulders to represent >the wings of the dove, etc.

Anne, the associations came to me in a desperate moment when I realized the left -handed triangle couldn't suffice forever! Once again, the Holy Spirit comes to the rescue when needed! : )

I can just picture sweet Catherine making her angelic Sign of the Cross...and I'm sure all of Heaven smiles every time that she does!

Happy St Patrick's Day, Alice!

So precious! Saint Patrick is smiling, I'm sure!

I bought the Celtic cross cookie cutter after seeing it on your blog. My kids made the cookie dough all by themslves for the first time and had a great time making and decorating the cookies. Thank you for your inspiration. Of course mine looked nothing like your beautiful ones, but the kids were so independent that I let it go!

Alice, thank you so much for sharing this lovely explanation of the Sign of the Cross. I'm definitely tucking it away in my "For When We Have Kids" file.

I love your explanation.

A beautiful explanation of the Sign of the Cross. I'll share that with my children today.

Alice, loved this post the first time, she's so sweet!! Thanks so much for participating in the Toddler Carnival, I know many have already benefitted from your words! Blessings and hugs!

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