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March 27, 2007


This is my favorite post, perhaps ever; one that can change lives. Thank you Alice.

WOW!!! What a wonderful post! What wisdom and understanding you have of your Catholic faith and our God! How blest your family is to have you to guide them to their Destination! I'm proud that you reference the CCC so often! How proud I am that you are one of the Catholic homeschooling moms that I have come to know via blogosphere!

OK, now I'm off to dry the tears and print out this post to hand to my wonderful daughters to aid them in raising their little ones!

Blessings to you and yours!

Beautiful! Well said. I would say more, but really, you've said it all.

Incredible post, Alice!

Alice your stories make me feel like I am sitting with

Beautiful, Beautiful post, Alice!

This really is a wonderful post. I can't even imagine being so worldly to think that your sweet Agnes was the mother. How terribley sad for those girls.

And, I'm sure Agnes was so proud because Eileen is her baby (albeit sister).

Those poor girls. What prayers they need from us, especially if their own mothers who are the primary recipients of their youthful admiration, fail to provide a good example.

May Our Lord have mercy on those without mothers to guide.

This post brought me to tears. Lovely and so, so sad.

Thank you, once again, for more treasures and pearls.

Alice, this was the most incredible post. Thank you so much for sharing another gem with us.

What a sorrowful thing it is when seventy year olds seem younger, fresher and more full of hope than seventeen year olds.

Very true. I've had this same thought. Beautiful post, Alice.

What an amazing post - the unicorn analogy is so incredibly insightful and vivid, Alice.

I have personal experience of being in your daughter's shoes, even 30 years ago, when my baby brother was born. Here I was a 12 year old big sister who on several occasions someone thought I was the mother. And I was a scrawny, skinny young looking pre-teen! It is sad that we live in a world where the idea of a little girl being a mother is not shocking. As a culture over the last several decades we have lost a sense of innocence of youth.

Incredible, Alice. So very beautiful.

What a lovely reflection, Alice!

Let's hear it for seventy-year-olds! Good to know in Heaven we will all be the same age.

Yup. Unicorns. That's where it's at.

Wonderful dear, you are so beautiful and wise. It's a privelege to know you.

Beautiful story, Alice. I love your analogy to Unicorns. Very poetic.

Alice, that is a wonderfully well written vignette. You described the characters so clearly, I felt like I was there. It particularly resonates with me because my daughter, then 13, had exactly the same experience several times when carrying her baby brother Patrick. I love the way you tied it in with unicorns and the catechism's teachings on purity.

Lovely post, Alice. You should be proud of that lovely pure now 13 yo girl you are raising. I know my 12yo would have given the same innocent response to their worldly question. We certainly have a big job maintaining the innocence of our children in today's world.

Oh, Alice, this post is magnificent. Thank you.

We are both the richest and poorest of nations, aren't we? And to tell you the truth, Alice, I don't know whether to take the unicorn by the horns, as it were, or to hide my head in the sand like an ostrich.

You are right to indict the fashion, music, movies, and magazines of today. Frankly, I am pretty naive when it comes to knowing what all is "out" there. Sure, we see the magazines at the check-out counter--and I usually stare at them in my distracted horror--and then my sweet 6-year-old flips all the objectionable magazines backwards in the rack to spare her mother.

I love it when she does this! :)

And I love my girls in their beautiful innocence so much it hurts. Do you know what I think, dear Alice? I believe that a family can be 100% pro-life and pro-chastity, but without the crown of modesty they're courting DANGER. I've seen it so much in my own family...immodesty leads to impurity and impurity leads to heartbreak.

Thank you for taking on this battle with us, Alice. You are working tirelessly for Our Lord, 'tis true.

Beautiful! But then I always read something beautiful here.Thank you!

Not to say that our culture's not messed up--But I'm 17 and I'm a firm believer in unicorns. I want one of my own someday.

Those girls probably had a few friends of their age with babies. My niece's school friend at 17 has had a baby. All I can think of is how hard it is on the baby to be born to a young single mother. I am very very tired of the PC anti adoption rhetoric, babies are better off in 2 parent homes rather than belonging to a young mother who misses out on her education and youth or being dumped onto a grandma to care for because she is worried about her daugher and grandchild

Beautiful post, Alice! (I haven't been here in a while, I see I have much catching up to do!) I was especially moved by what you said about the 70-year olds and the teens -- it's so sad, and so true.

awesome post.

I just saw this post today. It is wonderful! I love your analogy of the Unicorn- those of us with more than 2 children are looked upon with such curiosity these days. As you know, I only have 4, but am often met with either gasps of "how do you do it?" or loving comments from those of generations past, looking upon my children as the blessings that they are.

I somehow missed this post before Alice, you are so dead on......thank you for your witness to truth!

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