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March 19, 2007


You should publish this (other than here, I mean :)). It is perfect.

Excellent! I agree with Jennifer...more people should see this!

You have written what my heart feels. Thank you.

Beautiful Alice, as always.

Amen and Amen. Beautifully written, Alice.

How beautiful, Alice. How very touching and perfectly beautiful.

Once again Alice, I felt a tear in my eye. Beautiful!

Well written, Alice. And so true. Your blessings are so precious and everlasting. Their value is far greater than anything gained on a "to do" list that society has created.

I agree - it's perfect and needs to be published! Many need to read this!!

"we shared another moment among millions to remember the undeniable Truth of the Catechism:"

This is just lovely, Alice. What a beautiful post!

So beautiful, Alice. It needs to be read by so many! How many hearts could be transformed by this lovely post.

(When I was newly married, I wanted 10 children! :) Though it is highly improbable I should have that many now, I am so very thankful for the two I do have.)

What blessings these babies are!

Thank you once again, dear Alice, for the example of Catholic motherhood that you set. Stories like this one make it so much easier to face the criticism of those who want me to "do something with [my] degree, instead of just getting married."

Thank you Alice for this beautiful post.

I loved this post. It is so beautifully written and it also affirms how I've felt since I've been married. I agree with what others have said... it would wonderful for more people to read this and it is perfect.

So lovely!

A beautiful post, Alice. Thank you.

Beautifully said, Alice. I often think how fortunate I am to have daughters a decade apart - and you are right, it is unusual these days.

Well said. Clearly you have always known yourself.

Lovely, lovely. Thanks for this beautiful post.

Beautiful, Alice. Just beautiful. How very blessed we mothers are!

Thank you so much for putting into words what my heart feels too. What a true grace it is to be open to motherhood.

alice... so gently said. thank you.

You are so beautiful, Alice.

Just beautiful, Alice. I've had similar comments, by the way, that it was "too bad" that we had children so early on in our marriage - something that we've never, ever regretted.

Incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Alice.

What a beautiful post! God bless you and your lovely family, and reward you for your servant heart, Alice xxx

Beautifully written, Alice! It was a joy to read!

So perfect!!

I have been waiting for someone to write an article like this. It is what people don't think of when they deliberately postpone "starting a family."

sniffle-sniffle...please pass the tissues...My heart beats in union with yours. My children, my beloved children; there are no words to match your inspiring tribute to parenthood. Thank you.
Love, Lorraine

Oh,this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your deep love of your children with all of us. You are truly a blessing! :)

This was marvelous. What a gift...thank you for baring your soul to us! As evidenced by the many comments, you've struck a beautiful chord and resounding here. Praise God for his goodness and for your part in it!

Pax Christi,

Phil. 4:8
Soli Deo Gloria!

yes, please publish it. It is wonderful.

I am so deeply grateful to all of you for these wonderful comments!

I realize I gave the wrong impression in the closing note when I wrote "as I *publish* this piece." Each time I post on Typepad, the button I hit to make posts appear on the blog is called "publish." When I wrote the note, I really meant "as I publish it here at Cottage Blessings"! Please forgive the poor word choice! I've change it to "post" now. I would have done so earlier, but only just realized thanks to Jeanne's kind note that this how "publish" made it sound.

But, many, many thanks for all your kind words about it! I very much appreciate it!!!

Beautiful, Alice.

This is positively beautiful. I can't wait to share it with my mom who married at the age of 17, has nine children and 38 grandchildren and counting still! Thank you so much Alice.

Beautiful! I needed this today. I am deeply saddened (for them)by women who think that their career is more important than their children. Unfortunately, once they realize what's really important, it's usually too late. Childbearing years have passed and the kids are gone!

I am doing my Sunday blog catch up and am so enjoying your posts from this week dear Alice! I am remembering my own single childhood - longing to pile into a station wagon back seat - and the response to my first pg announcement, very like the one you heard. It was still a great way to spend my 20's! And 30's. And God willing, a part of my 40s!

You will never know what encouragement I have found through your very beautiful words and reflection on children and marriage! Thank you!

Alice, you SHOULD publish it! Other than here, I mean!

I also have 2 daughters a decade apart -- it's lovely to see them growing up together.

Thank you for such an inspiring post!

Well-written and beautifully stated. I am a mother of an "only-child", by choice....and a working woman as well....no regrets...feel as blessed and fortunate as mothers of several children. God Bless.

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