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March 22, 2007


A beautiful tribute to your parents, Alice. You have such a sweet spirit.

You are an answer to prayer, Alice! Your parents', and mine! God bless you, dear one!

A magnificent post clearly springing from a loving heart. Thank you.

What a beautiful post, dear Alice!

I cried seeing your dear parents - they are so precious!

Another great reflection on the gift of children, Alice.


Beautiful! You are the crowning jewel in their lives. How much your mother must cherish her grandbabies! :)
I understand the deepness of your mother's sorrow and her joy at having you. Words can't express enough to our children how we feel about them after thinking our lives would be void of their laughter and love. God bless!

I returned to read "A Promise Kept" for a second time and got the unexpected treat of reading this post as well. As an only child of a mother who also longed years before rewarded with child, this was especially touching.

I knew the story, but I never tire of it. Beautiful, Alice...and thank you for touching my heart.

It's no surprise to me, Alice, that you are St Joseph's answer to someone's prayer. He ALWAYS gives the BEST things. Love to you!

Wow. What a beautiful story, and a wise reminder.

What a beautiful testiment to your parents! I can believe that you are the answer to a prayer and what a wonderful answer you are. How your mother must treasure you and your children.

Oh, Alice - so sad and beautiful.

As someone who waited 3 anxious, almost desparate years for children, I really appreciated you sharing this. Now, as the mother of 2, it is a good reminder of what blessings they are. Of course I know that they are, but on those days when I feel weary and overwhelmed it is good to remember that my girls are answers to prayers of longing.

So touching... Thank you!


A very holy woman I know who is a mother to 17 children and a grandmother to 130 children (so far!) once told me that if God would have only given her one child, she would have felt complete.

I always thought her remark was a beautiful tribute to the true gift of life.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece, dear Alice!

I knew from previous posts that you were an only child - but, wow, this is an amazing story when told in full. Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you for sharing, Alice. You have touched my heart this morning.

What a perfect, and complete picture -- the praise for the beauty of large families and the recognition of and sensitivity to those who long silently for one. A beautiful testament to the gift of *every* *single* *child* ... and even, to the gift of the *desire* for one.

You're amazing, Alice!

Having briefly (3 years) experienced infertility and then the joy of children, I can only imagine the joy your mother felt. You are a joy to us all. Thank you for this beautiful post. It sure has started my day off right.

What a beautiful post -- thank you.

That's a lovely story that your mother was courageous to pass on to you. She must be a wonderful woman.

I;m wiping away tears. Thank you for this beautiful reflection.

Having recently been told that my hopes for a large family may never be, that my single daughter might be my only child, this really touched me.

A welcome reminder to thank God for the blessings he has given us.

We had planned on having a large family but things did not happen as we had planned. There are so many things we can never predict. Accepting God's will is everything. We are so grateful for the little one we do have.

Thank you, dear Alice, for this post. You have such a beautiful way with words.

Another beautiful post, Alice. I hope you put all of these together in a book one day -- we'll have to buy several copies to give to friends and family!

THAT was beautiful! God bless you.

Thank you for this beautiful and encouraging post! My name is Maria, I'm forty two, and Catholic. My husband and I met on a Catholic Singles website. We were married on June 16th 2007, the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When we married I was almost forty one and my husband almost forty three.

We have been trying since we were married to have children without any success. I want to be a Catholic homeschooling wife and mother so much. I adore children. I've been a daycare teacher for twenty years and I was always told by the parents of the children "So, when are you going to have children? You would be such a great Mother!"

Unfortunately it was discovered last February 12th 2007 when I needed surgery to remove two ovarian cysts that I had severe endometriosis stage four. I am told that my chances of being able to have a child are low. But still I hope and I pray.

I often feel very sad and discouraged wondering if we will ever be blessed with children. I am finding praying the rosary is helping me a lot.

May I please ask for prayers? Maybe I should pray to St. Joseph too?

Maria Therese

Definately a beautiful story....every child is certainly a gift. I have to add to your words, small and large families are a vivid and visible sign, a beacon of Faith in a world that has too often rejected God’s gifts.

God Bless small, medium and large families....

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