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February 15, 2007


Oh Alice, she is so very precious!

First, let me say how beautiful your daughter looks! And congrats on her upcoming FHC.

I too am preparing for FHC in our house -- both Thomas and Maggie will (God willing) be making the FC/FHC this Spring. I love this prayer and will begin saying it every night!

Thanks, dear Alice -- why don't you move to Denver so we can actually hang out together????

I love the Divine Mercy chaplet. We have a CD of is being sung and play it on our way to mass every Sunday.
Very cute picture of your daughter. My oldest is only four, but I look forward to all of these special moments.

Thank you!

I should have noted (and have now) that the picture is not Marie, but Theresa, taken at her First Holy Commuion in May 2002!

You are all so kind!

Thank you for this. Our oldest is making his FHC this year and the journey for him has been a journey for the whole family. Adding these prayers will be a blessing to us.

I love the divine mercy chaplet too, Alice. What an angelic photograph of your Theresa - how beautiful she was!

What a lovely picture of Theresa, Alice! That statue she is holding looks very beautiful and old. Was it a special gift for her? God bless you!

So beautiful!

She is just lovely! Thank you for the First Holy Communion prayer ideas!

Beautiful girl, and a beautiful idea, Alice!

Thank you for the lovely idea. We too will have a first communicant this year.

None of my own children, but 3 godchildren are making FHC this year. Thanks for the great prayer.

Thank you, Alice. Our Kolbe James is making his First Holy Communion this May. God bless you.

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