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January 05, 2007


What perfectly beautiful words! (She takes after her mother!)You must be so proud of Agnes. And she is only 12?

Wow! Those are beautiful. I hope Agnes writes a book someday too.

Those a beautiful - you are obviously raising a sensitive and talented daughter. I am amazed.

How beautiful! Agnes is a very gifted writer, thank you for sharing.

mom to 6 in PA

beautiful, Alice :)

Wow... a treasured gift, indeed.

Thanks to you and Agnes both for providing such a beautiful way to remember Christmastide and Epiphany. We're not Catholic (nor do we homeschool), but I still plan to do the Tea tomorrow afternoon. I couldn't find the waffle bowls, so I think we will build little mangers out of graham crackers with icing glue. Either that or bake crescent roll dough down into some mini loaf pans.

This is absolutely beautiful!! My twin dd's(13) are impressed by her writing abilities...me too! Bravo!!

Those are very, very sweet letters.

What a lovely gift you have in your sweet and gifted daughter!! Those poems are lovely, touching--just perfect...

Each poem is just a pure treasure! And so is Agnes!

How beautiful, you have a very exceptional child there.

My 8 y.o. dd says, "Good Job!"

And the 36 y.o. says..."Wow, how beautiful...a gift to us all!"

What a beautiful gift from your sweet daughter's heart. Precious!

Alice, those are incrdible!!! You are very blessed. What a sweetheart.

It's a rare privilege to glimpse the inner spiritual life a child like Agnes. She has such a beautiful way with words, made lovlier by her very Real faith. Thank you for sharing these treasures.

Oh, my! I had tears in my eyes from the first lines! Agnes, you are such a gifted writer! Tomorrow we are having a gathering at our home to celebrate Epiphany. May we use these lovely letters to pray out loud as we place the Magi in the Creche? We'll be sure to credit the very AMAZING author!

Oh, Alice! What treasures you and your whole family are! Thanks for sharing your blessings with all of us!

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I read these today to our homeschool group during our tea and they were all touched.

Beautiful letters. Just beautiful!

beautiful! What a gentle spirit she must have.

Echoing everyone else to say - Brava! Those were beautiful. Agnes is so talented. :)

BEAUTIFUL! She really has a gift, and such a pure heart. If you don't mind, I'm going to use these poems with my children for our own (simplified)celebration!

Gorgeous! I think I may have Marianna copy these into her Notebook. Thank you, Agnes, for sharing!

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