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January 30, 2007


Wow, Alice, you really managed to pull together, here, and find spiritual meaning in the events that you did not plan as well. I love those doves! And the white rose candles floating in holy water are just beautiful!

Thing #568 that I love about Alice: Her ability to create such a beautiful feast in her domestic church while dealing with the destruction of a flood in her home.

This is wonderful, Alice. I can't wait to see pictures. Happy Feast to you. Say a prayer that my doctor will take me off of bedrest on Thursday so I can go to Liturgy on the 2nd.

Lovely! And handy, since I'm in charge of the kids' Candlemas Sunday School service. Thanks!

Beautiful, as usual Alice! I'm chuckling to myself, because you had such nice suggestions for the turtledoves, and the first thing I thought of were marshmallow Peeps! ;-)

Beautiful, Alice, simply beautiful!
Simply is the key word there, I appreciate how your Teas can be done with simple, common ingredients.

What a magical feast you will have on Friday! Perfect.

Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! We'll be having our house blessed and a Mass said here on Candlemas this Friday so I'm coming up with all sorts of ideas for how to celebrate! I'd love some of the hymn ideas for our Mass.

Thank you so much for this ~ I have never celebrated Candlemas before, as I am a new Catholic Convert (since Nov 2006) and I am now so looking forward to Friday! :)

I am gaining much from reading your blog ~ I have added you to my blogroll. Please feel most welcome to pop over to mine and say hello :)

Alice you're the queen of tea celebrations! I can't wait to do this one on Friday. We really enjoyed our Lady of Guadalupe tea in December. http://atimetokeep.typepad.com/a_time_to_keep/2007/01/our_lady_of_gua.html
A million thanks!

Alice, this is so beautiful, I can't wait for Friday and a lovely Candlemas tea in your honor!! Bless you!

Beautiful, as always, Alice! I may try this with my boys on Friday. This will be our first Candlemas celebration, too!

It's beautiful - every little detail adds so much. I'm particularly fond of those doves.

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