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January 22, 2007


What an awesome fantasy! I love reading about your cottage adventures.

Oh, how lovely - and chilly. Talk about a book coming to live and bringing a family together. Now tht is living literature!


Cute, Cute - thank goodness for the oil burner man!

How fun!! That was a great story, Alice. We are reading "The Long Winter" right now too. It's so funny how that book makes you cherish heat and food. I woke up thanking God I could feed my children. And then I flipped on the heater. :)


That really sounds idyllic. Luckily, it was only a short time. I'm glad that the repairman was there. But, don't these things always happen when Pa is not around?

That's so neat that your furnace conked out in such a timely fashion! I've been reading wintery books with my kids, too, but hadn't thought of that particular one. Maybe I'll follow your lead!
And how much fun was that to make the theme dinner with the book? I love doing things like that!

How perfect! :)

Alice, only you could turn a no heat situation into a Little House episode:) Thanks for sharing, that was fun.

That is great! What fun!

Don't you just love these moments of living literature, Alice? :)

What perfect timing. :)

How wonderful - I love it! We play Little House in our home on occasion by dressing in white petticoats, reading the stories and imagining ourselves in Ma and her girls' shoes, though we haven't tried it without heat yet! Beautiful.

How fun - what a great living education!

Oh! How I love stories like this when stories transcend into real life. Isn't it wonderful to live, eat and talk like the characters in the books? And the learning is a bonus to the fun and wonderful memories we share with our children. Lovely!

Terrific fun! I love Patrick's terse reason for his dislike of A Long Winter.

The account of your evening makes me smile! Thank you for including all the details of the "story". I can feel the chill and taste that delicious pot roast! :)

Alice,You made me feel like
I was right there and now
I need to make a pot roast.

How to make a book come alive....

Cold - yet neat experience!

I loved your story! Hope you are toasty again now! BTW, the pics of your tree and rose wreath were gorgeous! As Anne-with-an-E would say it gave me such a thrill!

So glad you and the girls didn't have to get chapped hands twisting hay sticks! Thanks for sharing.

What a great story! I hope you have heat today. :)

Sorry about your furnace. As always, you have a way of rising above challenges! It seems like you had a nice end to a rather trying day!

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