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January 07, 2007


Agnes' response is priceless!
I hope Margaret does enjoy the new instrument.

LOL!! That's too funny. You're children are so precious.

That's very funny! I can't wait to see the pictures of Margaret playing the harp.

What a cute story! I also look forward to seeing the pics of your angel playing her harp.

That is wonderful. Our daughter accompanies (on piano) a Celtic harpist and I've tried to encourage her (dd) to take up this kind of harp. Her piano teacher who she's studied with for a number of years plays an orchestral harp and could easily teach her. I think the harp, Celtic or orchestral is just wonderful. A little hefty to cart around :)...but, very nice for special events. Best wishes for harp playing! St. Cecilia, pray for us, Denise

How wonderful! My dd has played harp for 4 years - it is such a lovely sounding instrument. You will love the sweet music! Before you know it she'll be playing at Mass! May I suggest starting with Immaculate Mary-then she can honor Our Lady with her very first song!

Too funny!

Just what would a harp cost? It seems like it would be a pretty pricey instrument.

Agnes' response was very "punny" - clever girl.

Alice how old is Margaret? My dd 9 has been asking to play the harp for 3 years now.

Oh Brother I am such a dork, I see she is age 9...duh!!

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