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January 08, 2007


Alice, making memories like this with your childen is something that will live on in them (and you!) forever!
My children range in age from 24-5 and nothing pleases me more than when my big kids "reminisce" about things we did when they were little.

Your children are blessed to have a such a mother as you. One day they'll even be old and mature enough to tell you:)

What a perfect end to a perfect day. Absolutely beautifu, Alice.

Keep singing, little mama. The music is beautiful (and enchanting).

Thank you for sharing the melody with all of us.

Crying again,those are some lucky kids.A walking tour by my house could be fun for a Saturday.

My eyes are watering. I would have LOVED to grow up in your home. (I hope my mother never sees this.) I'm sure the memory of this day will stay with your girls.

Alice, you are so, so right about the importance of memories. It has only recently begun to click in my brain and I am kicking myself for not doing more of this happy-memory-building earlier.

What a beautiful memory! Divine inspiration to put together those links.

And you have me all teary eyed thinking of the scene in front of the creche.

Alice, this is such a *beautiful* post. I hope you don't mind if I print this out and keep it in my journal - it just speaks to my heart so. Blessings!

Have you discovered my favorite word in the entire English vocabulary? BEAUTIFUL! This post is so moving. It speaks to the heart of every mother. It brings me to my own joyful, magical moments as a child in a faith-filled home. Thank you!!

Mommy, this is a beautiful post. If anyone has ever been good to us, you have! That was such a fun trip. First Saturday will always be a happy memory for us, and I pray that my children will be similarly blessed with such a wonderful mother. (I'm working on it!) :-D

Dear Alice,
This post was so inspirational! I was just thinking last night, after an exuberant Epiphany celebration with my boys, how these joyful celebrations of our faith will hopefully stay with them for a long time. They will know a Catholicism that is beautiful, comforting and ALIVE! Perhaps that is the greatest gift we can give them.

I love reading your blog.. I am always inspired. Thank you for sharing this with us.. my dh and I have been wanting to start some traditions like that as well, and both of us being converts, we didn't know where to start.

How lovely! We have never celebrated first fridays or saturdays, and our little church doesn't even offer a saturday mass, but I love the idea of a first Saturday outing. The expense of weekly Sunday outings is too much for us, but once a month is not and these little traditions are indeed so looked forward to by children and adults alike.

They will remember this throughout their lives. I agree with your daughter. It sounds like a fun and beautiful day.

I think this is a beautiful and perfect example that faith (whether it be your Catholic or my protestant) CAN and SHOULD have moments of sheer joy and fun, for the sake of nothing more than making memories and having a good time. I know in the protestant denominations, sometimes we take a hum-drum approach to church and faith because it seems holier or more pious than enjoying it. I have never understood that and don't think I ever will.

It sounds so lovely listening to your family and how you live out your faith. I'm blessed by it.

Wonderful!!! What a great day - thanks for sharing it!!!

Alice, What beautiful hope you have given me! To hear of your dear memories! Having not grown up in the Church, I often wonder (and then worry) if my children will remain faithful, if the "little things" are enough to touch their hearts. I see that Our Lord is a steadfast and faithful gardener, using the smallest seeds to grow beautiful flowers. Thank You!

*So* beautiful. You are the perfect mom.

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