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January 06, 2007


This is lovely--just lovely.

And those gifts of the Magi? Wow!

Alice, wow! Another beautiful tea! How blessed you are. We will be having an Epiphany party tomorrow with some friends, I may snag a few of your ideas here!

I love your "production team" - It looks so beautiful. Well done!

What a beautiful celebration!

I just figured out how to read your letters to Jesus. You have wonderful incite and expression. Thank you for allowing your Mom to let us read the text too.

Ahhhh that's insight-- while you might incite insight, I need to learn to proof read

Alice, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. What a lovely home & lovely, talented children as well!

This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting the pictures. It's good to have a visual image. I really need it. I will try this next year.

Alice, this is the sweetest, most beautiful Christmas tea EVER! What joy you bring to your family (and us)!!

P.S. Baby Eileen is adorable!! Please give her a kiss from me! :)

Alice, this is simply lovely.

What a glorious Epiphany!

So beautiful. And done with such ease and grace. Alice, you're a Wonder.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What a treasure you have in your home and family life.

We added Agnes' letters to our celebration this morning and my children have asked to use them as our January poetry selection. Can we memorize them as "The Gift of the Magi" by Agnes G-, or would Agnes prefer another title? or that each poem stand alone? or that we refrain from doing this? Thanks for blessing our family with yours.

P E R F E C T :)

Truly Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.

Please thank Agnes so much for allowing us all to share her beautiful letters. We had a Three Kings dinner tonight and my family really enjoyed these words which I read aloud before giving each child the appropriate King to place before the crib in our Nativities. The letters really added to our celebration. Thank you. Gill, in Norway.

So beautiful! You are an inspiration! I had a friend over for tea yesterday. I took out my "everyday" plates (which are China, but a hand-me down set) which I love. She said: "You didn't have to take out the "good China" for me!" It's wonderful how a little thing like that can make someone feel so special.

Those letters were so beautiful--no, WE are honored to be able tos hare such beautiful works. She has such a gift. And, Eileen--how could she already have teeth? Too cute. Everything really looked beautiful.

Alice, your Christmas tea is stunning! Thank you for sharing all the photos, truly inspirational:)May I commend your production crew and blow a kiss to Miss Eileen, she is just precious.

What a beautiful Tea (and a perfect tea and creamer set)! I must admit that I was counting the days until you revealed the surprise purchase. lol The whole scene is lovely and inspirational.

What a spectacular tea! I love hearing the stories behind people's china and kitchenware!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing those great pictures! We greatly simplified your idea to just a special Epiphany dessert of "Babes in the Manger," but it was so wonderful, Alice! Ummmm, did I say THANK YOU?! And much as I love reading online, I hope I will one day curl up with my signed copy of Living Our Faith Beautifully, by Alice.

Simply amazing!!

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