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January 09, 2007


Your children have the best sense of humor, Alice.

ROFL! Your kids are so clever!

"Scissors phase?" Oh Alice, I can relate, unfortunately. That's a good laugh about it though.

Little girls tend to cut hair with scissors, little boys tend to cut everything else, gotta love 'em:)

Great quip, Margaret:)

My oldest daughter went through a prolonged and unfortunate scissors phase - she lopped her long blond ringlets completely off when she was 2 1/2, leaving her as bald as an ostritch chick. A year later, SHE DID IT AGAIN. SHe had the shortest hair of any girl I've ever seen for ages.

Scissors ~ it must be a boy thing (unless hair is being cut, then it is a definite girl thing). My two older boys have cut blankets, sheets, coats, etc.
Margaret's sense of humor is great!

This is too funny.

I sympathize completely. Kevin went through a similar phase. He was so fond of cutting paper into zillions of tiny little pieces that we nicknamed him "Sir Snowflake".

I love Margaret's comment! HA HA

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