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January 31, 2007


I have two dear homeschooling friends who returned from their outtings to a house full of WATER. The beautiful thing is that their homes are beautiful now...but they did have to be patient.

And I know that my dear friend Alice is truly patient.

You DO have my sympathy, however. It must be hard to be displaced from one's learning room, though we both know that learning takes place EVERYWHERE!

Smile, Sweetie. You are living out your Long Winter. ;)

Oh, poor you :( I'll be praying for your home to be restored to its former glory xx

Oh, your beautiful cottage... :(

Alice I do grieve for you and the mess -- but just think what you can do to make it even better -- a clean slate as it were. But losing all the work and your kids' work! That would be so hard.....

Prayers and happy (dry) thoughts coming your way, dear

It looks rather torn-apart, but I'm thrilled that you could get workmen there so quickly to begin the cleanup and repair. Once the sheetrock is up it will look so much better. Prayers for you, Alice. :)

Oh my goodess! It's worse than I thought! At least my math book survived!


How exciting though Alice. I'm sorry about the mess but I'm excited to see the birth of this new learning room.

It looks so utterly different!! We can look at it like a blank canvas. I really can't wait to see it finished.

Definitely pulled at my sympathetic heartstrings! This too shall pass.

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