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January 05, 2007


Poor Tony! Looks like he met his match in Patrick! LOL!

I can't stop laughing!
Nice straight cutting though!

Oh no!

Our little guy LOVES scissors too. :)

How funny, Alice!

Alice, you are a riot!! My dc were reading over my shoulder and they are laughing....pooor Tony...Take heart! I think he may have lasted longer there than here...

Poor sweet Tony. You COULD fix him with some laminating paper, as I have had to do to decapitated paper dolls in the past.

Well, yes, I could see that happening around here, too! One of the things I so love about you, Alice, is that you share the sublime and the, well, not-so-sublime!

So funny...that's a darling little boy for you! Next up, Tony will become a missile weapon, careening off a doll house!

This is too funny... I can only imagine what my twin boys will be like when they get to that age... watch out girls!!

LOL! I'm a bit afraid of the scissors stage because of this very thing!

Oh, Alice, I missed this one! What a riot!

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