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December 13, 2006


Well, I agree with Agnes! Our Lady did send you a silk rose on her feast.

We believe! What a special blessing on a very special feast. Awesome.


I'm not sure why this is making me cry, but there ya go! LOL. What a beautiful story.

I love the pic - it does look like the rose grew on the barren bush. It's still a gift even if it's silk as it's the last thing you expected to find on that empty bush. :)

I love how this story makes me want to hug and kiss my daughters!

Beautiful truths on a lovely Feast Day!

I loved reading this story.

Oh Alice, thank you for sharing such a sweet story. :)

I think Our Lady sent a sweet thank you to sweet Alice for thinking of such a special tea to honor her on her feast day. :)

This was beautiful. Agnes is very wise.

(Don't worry, Amy -- it made me cry, too!)

This is so beautiful. What a great story. Children are amazing, aren't they?

What a beautiful story.

I can think of no one who deserves a rose from Our Lady more than you, Alice.

I didn't doubt for a minute that Our Lady sent a rose to you, Alice. :-)

Oh, we have so much to learn from little children.

I first posted this message in wrong comments section - it didn't make any sense there, did it?

-What an inspiring story - there are no coincidences.
Wouldn't it be neat to take silk roses and secretly put them in bushes of Catholic friends houses on this feast day as a reminder of Our Mother's love for them.

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